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Ryder Turns Two || Valerie K Photography || Colorado Springs Children's Photographer


My youngest of three kiddos, Ryder is two years old today! I can hardly believe how fast time flies as I am sure almost every parent can relate. For each of my kid’s birthdays, I try to think of something unique for their birthday photo shoots. I call them imagination sessions. For my daughter, we did a fairy themed shoot and then we did a pretty cool Star Wars themed shoot for my oldest son’s most recent birthday. This time I thought about what would be cute for a toddler turning two? Balloons of course! Always a toddler favorite!

I wanted a few photos of him with just two balloons to represent turning two. This was definitely Ryder's favorite part! Most of the rest of his session is him with his two balloons!

Something that I love is bringing something of value from home for a milestone session. Ryder’s favorite thing in the world right now is Daniel Tiger, so I brought his stuffed Daniel to the shoot. I got this gem of Ryder giving Daniel Tiger the best hug!

I'm ready for my close-up!

Then, we took off the sweater to show off those adorable suspenders!

Lastly, this photo of him just standing with his hands in his pockets (which he does all the time). It makes him look like such a little man! I was so happy I was able to catch a photo of it.


©Valerie K Photography
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