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  • Valerie Kay || Las Vegas Family Photographer

Happy 5th Anniversary, Valerie Kay Photography!

Valerie is a Las Vegas family photographer providing quality memories of both gorgeous smiles and cherished fun-filled candid moments.

Wow, this is a big one. Five years! I can’t believe that five years ago, I took my beloved hobby and decided to go full force, self-employed, business owner with it. Honestly, if you had told me five years ago where this business would be today, let alone even still a business, I would’ve said, “Ha! Right, okay…” and rolled my eyes. I'm still in some disbelief that my little business is very much thriving and growing.

I’d love to humbly celebrate my successes! In five years, I’ve completely built/rebuilt and become established in three different states (thanks Army!). I’m even traveling to other places for sessions, I can’t believe that. I’ve been featured in several “Best of” lists, numerous weekly features, and internationally published in magazines! Those including a full six page spread in which I was asked to be a guest writer, and I wrote an article and then had six of my images printed along with it. As well as being published in a “Best of the Best” edition feature. Plus, so many other features and shares, I’m so very humbled.

Click to see bigger versions of these images :)

Three different states! I started my journey in Fayetteville, North Carolina, and then we left the army and moved to Colorado Springs, Colorado for a few years, and finally made it back to our hometown of Las Vegas, Nevada and couldn't be happier now. It's always good to be home!

Being in a creative industry, some days are hard, and full of self doubt. Those days are rough, but they are getting fewer and further between the longer I do this. It’s balanced with often receiving a ton of love from other creatives in the industry, having amazingly supportive family and friends, and having such amazing clients (which I have been so lucky to have a ton of!). Especially the ones that return year after year. I get to see their families continue to grow (by size and numbers!), which is my absolute favorite and the entire reason families are my jam!

Headshots through the years, my first being one I took myself on this day five years ago.

So much like my business, my work, and the families I work with, I have grown as well.

I can honestly say I take so much pride in where I am now. I am running a successful, profitable business. I’m so very proud of the art I create and my growth over the past five years. I love that I can always continue to learn, grow, and improve. I feel so very lucky to be doing this that I love so much. My ‘job’ hardly ever feels like work. How could it, when I get to be the one creating memories for my amazing clients that will be passing them down through generations?

Just a very few of some of my favorite families, see all of my favorites here.

Another facet of my brand is my Imagination sessions. They are where my heart is and I am so proud to be able to offer something you cannot find too often.

Those are a few of my favorites, click here for more.

If you’ve been following me through any part of my journey, thank you so much. You are a big part of this, too. I can’t wait until I can say all these positive things, and hopefully many more, in another five years!

See my entire portfolio on my website or click here. I'd love for you to follow me on social media! Click here to follow on Facebook and here to follow on Instagram.

Valerie Kay Photography || Las Vegas Family Photographer

Nationally published photographer that has been featured by Peerspace as one of the 7 Best Fine Art Photographers of Las Vegas in 2019. By Hulafrog Henderson/ Las Vegas as a top 25 Fab Photographers in 2019. By Expertise as one of Colorado Springs Top Family Photographers for 2017, 2018, and 2019. As well as by Hulafrog as one of Colorado Springs Favorite Family Photographers of 2017, 2018, and 2019.

©Valerie K Photography
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