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Liz's Mommy and Me Session

Mommy and me snugggles during their photo session

So this images is one of my absolute favorites! Not just from this session, but ever!

While my style is a mix of both posed and unposed images, I live for these moments. It was towards the end of our session, and well passed this guy's bed time, he was just not having it anymore. So naturally, momma had to give him some snuggles while we took a break from photos. It made for a beautifully captured moment <3

The rest of their session is gorgeous too, of course! They are one of my favorite return families I love working with. I had done photos for the whole family last fall, but this one was just a mommy and me just in time for Mother's day. Eliana was one of the best big sisters I've ever met. She loved trying to make her baby brother smile :) Here are a few of my favorites from their session:

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